mandag den 18. august 2014

Espinal to Pamplona 18.08 - 34,9 kms

I woke up at 5.40 already and decided I might as well (check Facebook, Instagram and what not and) get going.

Unfortunately my clothes weren't dry, so Ursula was given an extra task today.

By 6.00 I was out in the road. It was a little chilly but after walking around 15 minutes it wasn't a problem anymore. 

Today I walked in forests most of the tines meaning that I missed the sunrise (bummer) and the view of mountains in general. The paths I walked made sure that I was never in doubt that I was indeed walking in steep hills still. The entire day it was up and down and I hardly encountered a flat piece of land. I am starting to feel it in my thighs and beee-hind that I have walked downhill quite a lot the last few days meaning sore muscles. My knees are fine though and muscle soreness over joint pain any day.

When I stopped at a bar (cafe like) for my first cup of coffee I had to smile when I visited the bathroom. The bar owner was really pampering the pilgrims by having installed some aid for tired and sore legs. ;-) Came in quite handy I must say.

Cute little newish village along the way that clearly catered a lot to pilgrims. I wonder if the village would be there had it not been for the Camino actually.

I didn't take that many pictures today. Mainly because the view wasn't that spectacular (I mean, if you've seen one tree you have kinda seen them all, you know) but also because I really had to focus in the path. It was very uneven filled with rocks of various sizes and one could easily trip or snap an ancle. So I laid attention to the road and listened to music. Today was challenging for me (for the head more than the body actually) so I needed all the distraction I could get. Whenever my lungs would allow it I also sang out loud. So if you've heard about some crazy girl singing loudly (and off key) in Spain chances are it could me. ;-)

Every now and then a glimpse of mountains.

A little hard to see perhaps but at times it was so steep the cyclists even had to get off and walk.

A little encouragement when the going got tough.

After what seemed like an eternity I finally started reaching Pamplona. I am actually not sure why or when I decided on walking that far and I am afraid I have overdone it a bit today. Time will tell tomorrow I guess. ;-)

Entering a big city on the Camino is always a little nerve wracking since the signing can be pretty bad (Ponferrada I am talking to you here!! It was no fun walking around for two hours trying to find the right arrows.) but Pamplona presented us with big signs you couldn't miss. Me guesto as I believe they sat around here.

In the suburbs of Pamplona I passed a rather dodgy area. The above houses stood out due to the artistic look. The rest looked more like a ghetto with graffiti. 

However, the entrance to Pamplona was very nice. 

.... And hilly obviously!

The streets are cute and narrow and the cathedral is not too bad either.

Bull souvenirs EVERYWHERE!

And Pintxos of course!

I opted for a tortilla though.

Earlier today I had some cheese as well. I snack quite a lot here. I prefer that over having a bigger meal in the stomach when walking. And I am a big fan if snacking in general so now when it seems more legitimate I won't pass the chance. ;-)

After my snack I was being a real Spanish person and had a little siesta in the (damp) grass. I like the idea! Let's bring that concept to DK.

Tonight I am staying at Jesus y Maria. I think it is an old church or something like that. It is a rather big place but quite decent (and the wifi is fast :-)) and only set me back €8.

Now I hope to sleep soon. The last climb for the next few days wait tomorrow (well, and my birthday as well.. ;-)) Followed by another crazy descend. Poor poor thighs!

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