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Pamplona to Puente La Reina. 19.08 -24-something kms

For some crazy reason people at the hostel started getting ready at 5.30 already! So much for my plan of sleeping in a little (an extra half hour) since it was my birthday.

I started get ready as well and was out at 6.00 already. It was quite obvious that I overdid yesterday. My thighs were very sore and I started fearing the challenges that lay ahead. Around half way to Puente la Reina I would have to cross Alto de Pérdon. The descend is truly crazy and it is important to bend the knees this putting the weight on the things when walking downhill in order to not damage your knees. However, so wasn't quite sure I could trust my thighs enough for the work that lay ashes.

Oh well, first I had to get there. The Camino is harder for me this year compared to last year and I think it is due to the fact that mentally I am not at the best place at the moment and that I haven't trained my legs the same way I did last year. The route last year was also demanding with two hard and long mountains to climb so it isn't because the route this year is harder. Walking long distances in hilly terrain day after day can be har mentally and I truly feel I need the extra brainpower I had last year. Furthermore, I never experience sore muscles last year whereas I certainly do this year. Enough with the complaining I just wanted to share my experience. :-)

I didn't take many pictures as I once again just focused on taking one step after the other. While listening to music.

The weather was gorgeous. Somebody apparently needed my sunscreen and my sunglasses more than me so I was without the fibre day. Luckily I didn't burn and the sunscreen has been replaced. The sunglasses will have to wait since I am simply to cheap to pay €30 for a pair of no name hideous sunglasses. I hope I will come across other places that sell them.

Up up up

And more up..

Pilgrims at the top.

And another one. I forgot to take a picture if him do this one I actually borrowed from somewhere I don't remember so I can't even credit the person. Sorry. :-/

The walk into Puente la Reina was like this most of the way. And yes it is flat. :-) 

I passed lots of fields and it is clear that the scenery is slowly starting to change to fields instead of mountains. Right now I kinda like that change. ;-)

Almost there!

Puente la Reina is a small village with narrow streets. And a church of course!

A river runs through the village.

Whenever there's a river there's a bridge and this one is very known on the Camino. And it is quite clear why that is.

Birthday equals food, right? I started off with a tortilla with crab salad. Sounds our but it was actually ok. My beloved black coffee on the side. Those Spanish people really know how to make coffee! I would more here simply because of that.

I had another cup of coffee and had a chocolate on the side. It wasn't that good though. Tasted a bit like the cheap chocolate you buy for cooking (kogechokolade), so I actually only ate half believe it or not.

Another place another tortilla and coffee. This time it was a tortilla con chorizo y jamon. Very nice!

I had tapas for dinner but since I didn't bring my phone I have no pictures to show. But think cheese, sausages, olives, peppers and the like and then you get the picture.

I finished off with this bad boy. And now I am full and slightly nauseous. Good thing my next birthday is a whole year away. ;-)

I am spending the night at a private albergue which is run by a very nice and helpful lady that actually speaks decent English. 

It is called Albergue Puente and is €12 incl breakfast. Breakfast is bread with bread so she offered me the bed only for 10. Very nice.

Last night I slept with 50 other people. Tonight only with three. The bed is good. Not too soft.

View from my room.

The best feature of the albergue must be this roof top terrace though. I wanna take it and the view home with me!

Now it is time to sleep. I wanna make it to Villamayor de Manjarin (or something like that. Too lazy to look it up) which is 31 kms away from where I am now. For the first time ever I have actually booked a bed. It is quite busy on the Camino and I would hate to have to walk on because there are no avalaible beds. I don't like the "bed race" and I am actually against booking ahead because that keeps the race alive and removes some of the charm of the Camino. But due to the state of my legs I don't want to risk walking all day to find a place.

Thanks for reading! :-)

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