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Saint Jean Pied de Porte to Orisson (16.08) - 8 kms in total

Even though I couldn't sleep after people started leaving I stayed in bed thinking some rest would do me good. I only had a short way to go so there was no need to start too early. Besides, I had planned to stroll around SJPdP before departure and visit the local supermarket. When abroad I love love love exploring the supermarkets. I can spend time looking at all the food they have. Especially down South where supermarkets are superior to the Danish ones I am afraid.

Cheeses. And this is only a small selection of what they had. I was in heaven and wanted to buy all of them. In the bed I bought a local sheep cheese and local jamon and a huge bell pepper I planned to eat at lunch.

More cheese!!

I bought breakfast as well and even though I knew it would cause tummy aches I had to buy pain au chocolat. I mean, when in France right? At least I chose the organic ones. That means they are healthier, right? ;-)

I bought babybells as well and had my breakfast in the corner of the parking lot. As always I am very classy. ;-)

And then I went to the pilgrims office to get my credential (the one where I get stamps to prove where I have been the last time so I can prove I am a pilgrim thus get a bed at the cheap hostels)

SJPdP is a very cost little place that clearly is deeply influenced by all the pilgrims starting here. It is supposed to be the official starting point of the Camino Frances ("The French Way") but I am not sure why that is actually. There is religious reason and my guess is that years ago the mayor simply saw a great business opportunity and started branding the town. ;-)

One of the first scallops in SJPdP.

Unfortunately the weather was still bad so my pictures aren't showing the charm if the place.



Very steep street in SJPdP. A little taste if what to come.

And off we (well, I) go!

Very steep it was. 

It is anyways hard to see in pictures but you have to trust me. Here is me looking down towards SJPdP.

After around halfway it started raining! Climbing the Pyrenees is difficult as it is and the rain sure didn't help. The view was stunning though and I therefore stopped several times along the way to take it all in (ahem, and to catch my breath. ;-))

Clouds or fog? In not sure.

After 8 kms, at almost 800 meters altitude and after nearly three hours I finally reached Orisson. I was wet and tired so the sight made me very happy.

I showered and put on dry clothes and then went for a coffee. It was very good and just what I needed. While enjoying it I was being the good daughter and wrote my mother a postcard.

And then it was time for the lunch I bought earlier and dragged up the mountain with me. The local cheese was very good (so was the ham and pepper) and yes, I finished it all. Hungry-Girl.dk

This was my view during lunch by the way. Not too shabby I must say. 

It cleared a little during the afternoon which gave us opurtunity to enjoy the lovely terrace that had a stunning view.

Water with a view.

At Orisson a three course dinner incl wine is included. 

Vegetable soup. Tasted better than it looked. ;-)

Meat (possible pork. Too salty to taste) served with beans. I skipped the beans and are the meat. Unfortunately it didn't taste better than it looked.

After that cake was served which I skipped. Instead I enjoyed the view from the mountain woke listening to the sound of cows with bells moving for close to an hour. It was very meditative. Around 8 o'clock I called it a day and went to bed. I was absolutely knackered! I still had around 10 kms and 650 metres altitude to conquer so I needed the energy.

I met three Danes at Orisson. Last year I didn't meet a single Dane and although I don't actively seek out other Danes I do find it "funny" to have already run into three lovely ladies. 

The room at Orisson. Very cramped. 

The view from my bed wasn't too bad, though.

Orisson is €35 for a night where dinner and breakfast is included. A little pricey compared to other places on the Camino but I think it is worth it and if I am to return I would probably stop here again. I am sure I can walk the entire stage to Roncevalles but no need to overdo it the first day where the body has to get used to walking uphill with a heavy bag.

Thanks for reading. :-)

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