torsdag den 15. august 2013

Cacabelos to Ambasmestas, 15.08

Just a short update since today was short and I don't really have so much to say. 

Once again I ventured off at 6 in the morning putting one foot in front of the other. I had company today from the beginning which was something new. After 8 kms we stopped for breakfast. Well, I actually just had a coffee because my stomach wasn't too well behaved. I am drinking Spanish tap water and I am not certain my delicate Danish stomach can handle it. As we were in a valley there was no sun for quite some time meaning I was cold. Must to the wonder of my Italian co-walker as he is apparently convinced that I am used to the cold thus can't be cold. ;-)

Despite the cold the walk out of Villafranca was beautiful:

Lovely morning light.

Church (?) along the way.

How can this not make you happy?

The bridge going out of Villafranca. Notice the Camino shell.

We were taking it really easy today and only did 25 kms. I could have walked further but the group I am walking with stopped and I decided to go the same. That's the disadvantage with grouping. You might end up doing less than you want to/could because you want to stay with them. At the end of the day I figured that I have plenty of time so there is no need to rush it. In fact if we keep doing 25 kms we'll reach Santiago the 21st. I had planned with the 24th so well ahead of schedule.

Today's walk wasn't all scenic. Several times we walked under the high way and for long stretches we even walked next to the road:

Luckily tomorrow we will start going uphill again. Yay. If I were an Indian my name would be Climbing Goat. Haha.

Enough for today. I will be back! :-)

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