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Riegos de Ambros to Cacabelos, 14.08

I was expecting to have sore legs this morning after all the descending (and the long distance) but surprisingly that was not the case. I am really surprised that my legs don't get sore after so many kilometres several days in a row! All that leg training is really paying off. My lower back was once again a little sore but after some time it had warmed up and I didn't feel it anymore. 

Yesterday at the albergue I started talking to some people and they asked if I wanted to walk with them. They wanted to leave earlier than me so I turned them down because I really enjoy my early mornings. They told me where they would be staying and said that perhaps we would see each other there or elsewhere along the way.

It was completely dark when I took off and since I was still on the mountain I started off by descending once again. I apparently missed an yellow arrow as I was walking along the road when really I should be on a path. That meant I ended up walking longer since one guy who left later than me and descends slower than me due to a knee injurie got to the bottom before me! Then I got annoyed by myself because if it is one thing I font need it is to walk any extra kilometres. No need to make it harder on myself.

Church (one of several in the town by the foot of the mountain. Forgot its name and can't be bother to find it right now. Sorry am quite tired)

It was a very cosy town though and it was clear that it lives off the peregrinos.

After I had passed that city it was once again up up up. The next bigger city was Ponferrada and that was were i devises i would have my breakfast. That would have bern after 12,5 kms and seemed perfect. 

Where I would have breakfast.

After my detour it became clear that my head wasn't with me today. Body fine but head working against it. I don't know if that was why I took another turn where it even was quite clear which way to go. And unfortunately I discovered it quite late, so I ended walking an additional half hour. That's probably around 2-2,5 kms. Grrr! My annoyance with myself (and hunger) grew.

Back on track I slowly entered Ponferrada and then another problem arose: there were hardly any arrows to follow so once again I was lost. Whenever I asked people for direction I got pointed different ways. Besides I was looking for a place to eat but I could only find places that served bread based breakfast (Spanish people love their bread more than the Danes it seems!) and I was simply close to tears. I found a butcher kinda shop and bought cheese and chorizo and sat in a park and ate that. Then I went to a cafe had a coffee and went online. With the blood sugar taken care off I headed out again trying to find the Camino. I walked around more than an hour and just when I had decided I was going to find a taxa and be transported to the place we were gonna stay I say the yellow arrow! And 2 minutes later I found my group from yesterday! What are the odds?!

After that I decided to walk with them and since they also seemed to walk the same pace as I it was perfect. My Camino family consists of Mona and Siobhan (not pronounced at all as it is written) from Ireland, Sue from the UK and Carlos from Italy. And then there are some distant family members that don't walk with this group but meet up with them now and then.

It is really nice to have somebody to talk to after having been just me for the first three days. This is completely by choice and was what I needed. I can feel that the more I talk to these people the more I start contemplating so maybe I'll get more personal soon. If I dare. :-)

We ended up walking 27 kms (well I did more. Stupid me!) and the last part of the day was definitely better than the first part. I also received a message from a dear friend who follows this blog and that meant a lot and came just at the right time. Encouragement really means a lot when struggling. 

I didn't do many pictures today as I spent  more time talking to people. 

Castle kinda thing in Ponferrada. Don't like that city they should have better signing!

Stork nest on the way. That is some balancing!

Some of today's scenery.

Vine plants. See the mountains in the background? I have to pass them. Yay!! :-) 

The walk into Cacabelos where I am staying for the night. The last 1,5 kms are always the longest for some reason. And the sun was STRONG today. I am guessing around 40 degrees which does not help when your head is working against you!

I passed a parrot on the way! It was just standing there with no owner to see anywhere. Weird.

This is the albergue I am staying in. It's €5 and has WIFI. Always a big plus into book. :-)

The inside.

The "room" No bed bunks tonight. I am sharing with a Spanish woman that actually knows a little English. I thought this kind of accommodation would be difficult for me but it's not that bad actually. I am too tired to be bothered besides I have the option to book into a room if I want to and I guess it helps that I don't HAVE to do this but that it's my choice. Yeah, I am 3 years old apparently. ;-)

The name of the place.

The nearby river is popular for obvious reasons. I found out after I had showered  and couldn't be bothered to shower again.

I just had dinner (tuna in olive oil with tomatoes and for dessert 25 gr of dark chocolate and a bag of ports rinds. Proteins for them guns! And chocolate because I am a girl. Haha.)

I'll finish this blog pack my stuff and then start getting ready for bed. Rock'n'Roll, eh? ;-)

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Glad for at du har fundet en familie, tror ikke det er sundt ikke at snakke med nogen. Tak for snakken på FB i eftermiddag, dejligt at høre fra dig ❤