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Palas de Rei to Ribadiso, 20.08

Today I got up earlier than usual. Not really because I needed extra time to walk longer than usually but because I definitely feel the "bed race" going on. People start very early so they increase their chance of getting a bed and as much as I hate playing that game I really like to sleep in a bed.

The others stayed further away from me so I started walking on my own at 5.30. Getting out of town was easy as the town light made it easy for me to see the yellow arrows this finding my way. It was a very different story once I was out of town and I had to walk downhill in a forest without the stars lighting the road just a little. I cursed at myself for not bringing a head torch and used my IPhone to light up the way. It isn't that efficient but was better than nothing.

At a point I think I missed an arrow because it seemed like I went in circles but I wasn't too upset since I was quickly back on track. After around 40 minutes if walking I could hear Siobhan yell Anita and there right behind me were Norbert, Phil, Carlo and obviously Siobhan. -With head torches. :-)

The moon was almost full and was extremely beautiful and almost orange. I have never seen that before. I tried to capture it but without any luck.

The more I walk the less pictures I seem to take. I still very much enjoy the scenery but I guess I am not as impressed as I was earlier. 

I had to take this picture though. I believe it is the first time I see Santiago on the regular road signs and it made me excited because that means we are getting very close. :-)

Small town just before Melide.

Phil, Carlo and Siobhan on a bridge going into Melide.

I still absolutely love the morning. So sorry to bore you with another one of those morning light pictures. ;-)

Cute village (yet another one!) I passed I the way.

Hmm, it looked better in real life.

Melide is known for having the best pulpo in Spain so even though it was 9.30 Carlo wanted to have Pulpo (and then I will try not to mention he had had breakfast twice already at this point! Not fair he is so skinny really! ;-)) so he and Phil waited at the pulpo place until it opened at 10.00. By then the place was packed so apparently pulpo for breakfast is not that uncommon. Or maybe pilgrims just aren't too sane. Haha.

I has killer legs today and felt like I could be running 35 kms nonstop so I was a bit impatient when the others took long brand. Luckily we don't have to walk together so for great parts of the day I walked alone. Not always a good idea and I missed a sign because I was in my own thoughts. I kinda suspected it since the passage was so quiet and then I was stopped by a car and I could gather that the Spanish man tried to tell me I was not on the Camino and I had to go back. Crap! Half an hour later I was finally back in track.

Even though we are not in the mountains anymore it is still very hilly.

Today was a warm and lovely day.

Earlier on we had agreed to stop in Ribadiso which is a small place 40 kms from Santiago. Once I reached that place after around 25 kms a big smile appeared on my face since the place looked lovely.

The albergue is right next to a river.

I arrived at 12.45 and since the albergue opens at 13.00 Ursula once again had to get in line.

Shortly after Siobhan arrived. She had left the boys as they were talking about nudist beaches! When they got here they decided to walk on to the next place but us girls wanted to stay as we knew we would get a bed here and wasn't sure about that in the next place.

Shortly after to other members of the family Susie from the UK and Sue from Australia arrived and decided to stay here even though they had reservations elsewhere. So now the girls are back together again.

The albergue is the public one and is €6. AND absolutely lovely:

We went shovering, did our laundry and went out for food. As a pilgrim you can buy a pilgrim menu for between 8-12 euro that consist of three courses and wine. The quality varies as I have heard and so far I haven't had them much. Instead I have gone to supermarkets and bought cheese, chorizo, ham, nuts, vegetables etc.

Today I had the menu (besides desert) and even took pictures of it. :-)

Ensalada mixta (this one even had tuna and egg in it. Luxury!)

Main course; eggs bacon and fries (?!) It seems like the Spanish people love their fries.

Dinner on the ground. Ups! I got a replacement. Without fries. :-)

Susie, Sue and Siobhan.

We are only 40 kms from Santiago so after two easy days we will get there. It is hard to believe I have almost walked 300 kms in 10 days! 

That is it for now. I will go enjoy the sun and then have a small dinner before calling it a day. 

Thanks for reading. :-)

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