fredag den 9. august 2013

What to bring?

I have been asked a few times if it is possible to carry everything you need for the Camino on your back and often people are very surprised, when I tell them that I intend to carry no more than roughly 6-7 kgs INCLUDING the backpack.

So what do I bring you may ask? I bring:

2 pairs of short running tight, dryfit (one pair to wear, when done walking I wash said pair and wear the other pair for the rest of the day and the next until done walking. And then I repeat.)

2 tank tops (also dryfit, will be used the same way as the tights)

2 pairs of tight boxers (also dryfit, will be used the same way as the tights)

2 sports bras (also dryfit, will be used the same way as the tights)

1 regular bra (I guess this is more of a nice to have item, than need to have)

4 pairs of hiking socks (gives me the option to change halfway during the hike if they are too wet, uncomfortable or whatever. I am hoping this is one of the things I can do to keep blisters to an absolute minimum)

4 pairs of sock liners (wil be wearing two pairs of socks to prevent friction which can cause blister)

1 long sleeved light blouse for colder nights/mornings and also to use if I happen to get sunburnt

Hiking shoes (obviously!)

Backpack (Also quiiiite obvious. I have named her Ursula by the way)

1 pair of (horrible and uuugly) crocs to wear in the shower and at the hostel/village, when done walking. I promise I will toss them when I reach Santiago de Compostela. They will not return to Denmark.

Light summer dress for the times when I am sick of wearing tight lycra at the albergues. Also more of a luxury than anything else, I guess. Will also come in handy during the last week when I head to San Sebastian.

Silk liner (It will be warm during night time so I have chosen a silk liner instead of a regular sleeping bag)

Bed bug sheet for the mattrass

Poncho (covers me AND the backpack at the same time. Win-win)

Big plastic bag (will be using it for storage of my bagpack at the albergues so I can hopefully avoid travelling with uninvited guests i.e bed bugs!)

6 x safety pins (if my clothes won't be dry in the morning I can use these to attach the items to my backpack so it can dry while I walk. Besides that, safety pins will probably always come in handy)

Tissues (or I guess they are more like wipes. For cleaning hands and such when a sink is not available)


Tooth paste + tooth bursh

Laundry detergent


Conditioner (again luxury but I need it every now and then or my hair will be totalle unmanageable. It comes in a small container so is not that heavy!)

Face cream (I need it for my dry skin unfortunately)


Razor (huurray for vanity ;-) Luckily it doesn't weigh much)

Sun glasses


Contact lenses


Foot cream (blister prevention. Will apply it in the morning before I put on my socks)

Needle and thread (good for many thing but mainly for "fixing" blisters)

1 x Towel

Earplugs (am bound to run into snores!)


Bug repellent to wear during night (yes, I am almost terified of getting bed bugs with me back home! I have also treated my backpack with some chemicals not available in DK that is supposed to kill them off if they set foot on my backpack! Let's hope it works)

Heart rate monitor and watch (not necessary but I like numbers. :-))

Scarf (for multiple use. Filled with clothes so it works like a pillow, sun protection, for cold evenings etc.)




Mastercard (in case I lose my Visa. Obviously I won't store them the same place.)

A laminated list of albergues along the route

Health insurance papers

Travel documents

Iphone (camera and computer and mp3 player in one)

Small flashlight

Spork (spoon and fork in one)

Portable sink (will probably come in handu when people are queing at the sinks in order to do their laundry plus for soaking them sore sore feet)

It seems like a lot of stuff but it actually doesn't take up a lot of space nor does it weigh an awful lot. I will probably regret bringing some of my "luxury items" when I am tired, my feet are sore, the back is aching and it is hot and I feel miserable.

In the last minute I chose not to bring the pair of trousers since I doubt I will be needing them. It won't get cold and I can deal with bare legs and chilly weather. If it starts raining it is probably more comfortable with bare legs versus long pants. If I regret I am sure they sell pants in Spain.

When I arrive I will need to buy sun screen (will not chgeck in my bag so can not bring too much liquid) and a hat so I can protect my ears, face and hair from the sun. I am thinking a sombrero will be perfect, haha.

That is it for now. Enjoy your weekend perople. I will be on my way later today. Weee! :-

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