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Pedrouzo/Arca to Santiago, 22.08 (&23.09)

Once again we took off early this got up at 04.45 and started walking around 5.15. We were passing through some very dark forest and I was once again reminded that a head torch is essential to bring.

We took off so early thinking getting to Santiago early it wouldn't be so crowded at the pilgrim's office where the Compostela (proof that you walked) is issued. There was a rumour going around that people had recently waited six hours to get their Compostela! I wasn't even certain I would get one in the first place since I don't do it for religious reasons. And if the waiting time will be so long there is no way I am going to get it!

Along the way Siobhan and I met an American by the name if Connor. He was walking the Camino as part of his study so he would actually be getting credits for it. Pretty cool I thought.

Once again we were fairly fast and it seemed as if my feet walked faster and faster the closer we got to Santiago.

But after around four hours this sign emerged:


From that sign we only had around 2,5 kms to the Cathedral. I almost had to tell my feet not to run. The walk into Santiago was boring and it didn't help that the weather was grey cold and dull.

But then! There it was:

We could spot the cathedral. :-)

Two feet on the Camino and close to the end of it!

Norbert, Phil and Carlo were in front of us and in fact Carlo and Phil had already reached Santiago the night before. Norbert was waiting for us just before the cathedral so we could arrive together.

Norbert and Siobhan hugging.

And then we were there!!

It was a big moment and I was happy and proud. We met several people on the  square who we hugged and congratulated and then we went to get the Compostela.

The line wasn't so bad and I think it took me around 40 mins obtaining it.

My Latin name is Annam apparently!

While we waited in line Phil and Carlo showed up and when we were done we went to have coffee and tarte de Santiago which is a lovely almond based cake. 

At noon most people went to mass but I went shopping as I was dying to wear something else besides Lycra. I also made a quick stop to the hairdresser to get my hair dyed and straightened.

We met up at seven and people were surprised to see me and some didn't even recognise me! Haha. I just had my hair down, put on a dress and some mascara. Guess it is clear to say I am not a natural beauty. ;-)

And then we went out to drink! Our group was rather small though as fine people had to walk to Finisterre the day after and some had an early flight. Siobhan, Phil, Carlo and Norbert were there and since I had spent most time with them I didn't really need a bigger crowd. 

It was a good night but also sad as I had to say goodbye to Phil who had an early bus to Santander and Carlo who had an early bus to Paris.

My bus to San Sebastián is at 18.00 so I had time to wander around and say goodbye to Siobhan and Sue who are staying for an extra few days.

I got done better pictures of the cathedral since the sun was out today.

And I bought a naughty cheese:

I am not really liking Santiago too much. It is very crowded and extremely commercial. There isn't that Camino thing you cannot buy.

Now I am sitting in the bus waiting for next part of my vacation to begin and feeling a little sad because I miss some of the people that although I just met them has made an impact on my life.

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