lørdag den 10. august 2013

Getting closer by the minute

Last night at 23.15 (25 mins ahead of schedule. We like) I arrived in Madrid Airport. It was my first time flying with Lufthansa and I must say I was a good experience. It was a late flight but despite
that we were still served dinner and whatever we wanted to drink. Free of charge. And it was for everyone not only business class. The last few years I have only used Norwegian and SAS and they are not so generous, so I had bought something to eat in Frankfurt already. Besides that the seats we're comfortable and there was even a decent amount of leg space meaning I didn't have a pattern of the net from the seat on my legs as usual when flying. The flight into Madtid was very beautiful. I tried to capture it but my pictures far from show how stunning it looked. This is my best shot: 

After having spent some time trying to figure out how to exit the airport and find the shuttle busses the next challenge arose; How to make the shuttle bus of the hotel to pick me up? I know no Spanish unfortunately and the Spanish people aren't practically skilled when it comes to mastering the English language. After some pointing, smiling, using French word pronounced in what to me sounds like a Spanish way mixed with some Danish I finally figured it out and started the wait. 20 mins later a (very hot I must say) driver picked me and what seemed like the rest of the airport up. I could probably have saved my call. The hunky driver was cranky but very efficient so in no time I was at the hotel ready for my check in. I was asked to write my address and I was given a key and a receipt. The latter made me smile as it clearly proves that my handwriting needs improving. 

For those of you who do not know it already I can tell that I live In Valby and the street is called Peter Bangs Vej. At least he read the numbers correctly.

The room it self was not too bad when talking into consideration I paid £24 a night and it is a 4 star hotel. I was so tired I forgot taking a picture but it was ok and had a sense of the 80's to it. The bathroom was big and clean which is a big plus in my book. I quickly went online and went to bed but then discovered the mattress smelled very chemical and my fear of bed bugs came a life! I could feel it crawling all over me and I had to get up and replace the original bedding with my bed bug sheet and use my silk liner that has been chemically treated. That calmed me down a bit and I managed to fall a sleep. Unfortunate only for three hours and then I couldn't sleep anymore. I hope that will mean I will be so tired tonight that I won't notice all the strangers that will be sleeping in the same room as me.

I had planned to get the subway to Estacion Sur which is where the bus to Leon depart. I had opted for the cheaper bus which leaves at 8 and arrives 12.45 whereas the luxury bus arrives at the same time but leaves at 8. Furthermore, breakfast is included (but since I don't eat bread I am guessing it won't be offshore value to me anyways) and since I have all the time in the world I am gonna save €10 by going earlier. 

As always life didn't go like planned so this morning I couldn't find one of the (four) socks I am wearing and I am travelling light so I do need it. I knew it was in the room somewhere and I looked everywhere twice. The only place I didn't look was in my toilet bag which is obviously were I found it! I must have put it there last night in my dazed condition. In stead of stressing about my schedule I chose to enjoy the beautiful sunrise from my balcony. It calmed me down and was just what I needed. By then I was running a little late so I took a taxa to the station. It was €20 well spent as I could stay in my calm and relaxed mode instead of stressing on the Spanish metro (that I have never used before) and worrying if I transfer the right place and get off where I am supposed to. 

I arrived at the station 40 mins prior to departure so I had plenty of time. When I went to buy my ticket I discovered there where no available seats so to make a long story short I am now in the Luxury bus to Madrid. :-) Besides an entertainment center they also offer WIFI which is definitely worth the extra money in my book.

At the station I had time to kill and a hungry stomach so I decided to find some breakfast. It was not easy as all I could find was baguettes, cakes, chips and candy en masse! 

Luckily I came prepared so I had some macadamias and some pork rind for breakfast! ;-)

I have just been served breakfast at the bus and although what I had was odd it is definitely better for me and my sensitive blood sugar than this: 

Yep, two sugar covered donuts. To be fair we have also been offered candy. Haha.

After an additional stop in Madrid we are now driving though Spain and it is very beautiful. Green, lush with mountains in the horizon and the sun is shining from a clear sky. What's not to love? :-) I cannot wait to arrive and leave my backpack at the albergue and then wander around Leon exploring before finally heading off tomorrow morning! It is rally happening now. What I have been thinking about, talking about, reading about and planning is so close I can almost smell it. And it excites me. :-)

Have a nice Saturday wherever you are.

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  1. Dejligt at følge med, var dog ikke klar over at du har den kæmpeskræk for bed bugs, eller bugs i det hele taget. Sgu da noget af en udfordring med al den primitivitet, du udsætter dig selv for :-)
    Og hvad er det for en transportabel vask???
    Lyder til at du hygger dig, det er godt at læse. Take Care..
    Loster motte